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The company

Natural Cosmetic Ltd. is a Bulgarian company specialized in the production of cosmetics for body and face with essential oils. The products are created in the spirit of best international trends for harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Using natural products is part of the philosophy of the brand for a balance between the urban lifestyle and generosity of the earth.

Natural Cosmetic launched its first products on the market in the early 2006. In 2007, in Hamburg. The concern BIESTERFELD awarded Natural Cosmetic for "Most successful new product" . Representatives of all 16 countries that are engaged in the manufacture and marketing of cosmetic products emitted their selection of the best products in the world. Body Cream of Natural Cosmetic has been awarded as "an innovative product that achieves a velvety softness of the skin."

Natural Cosmetic products are grouped in several key areas:
- Natural Products for personal use Relax 24
- Bio products ROSA PRETIOSA, ARGAN & MACADAMIA, BioRhythm, Aphlame, which provide the necessary skin care routine
And Natural Cosmetic Professional, designed for professional massage parlors and spas.

Natural Cosmetic works only with high quality natural raw materials authorized for use in cosmetic personal care products under Regulation 1223/2009 EPS. Biologically active substances used in the cosmetic products of the company are entirely organic. The essential oils used in the products are certified by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) exempt from harmful chemicals,not hazardous to environment and the development methods used are not animals. We strictly follow the production technology with the principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP) in the cosmetics industry ISO: 22716: 2007.

Our team is composed of highly qualified specialists in the field of cosmetics and pharmacy. We work in cooperation with dermatologists to provide in the market the most effective and safe formulas. Besides the enormous willingness to work, our team is owning diplomas and certificates from leading European universities and organizations. In the team of Natural Cosmetic is working one of the few Specialists in safety assistment in cosmetic production in Bulgaria, holding a training certificate in Brussels Faculty of Pharmacy and Toxicology.


Award "Most successful new product" - 2007 of the concern BIESTERFELD, Hamburg

Representatives from 16 countries engaged in the manufacture and marketing of cosmetic products emit its selection of the best products in the world

Body Cream Natural Cosmetic - awarded as "an innovative product that achieves a velvety soft skin"

Nomination spa cosmetics of the Year in 2010

Full member of the Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics

Nomination for innovative product at the international exhibition for natural products- Biofach, Nuremberg 2015.

Nomination for the award "Trend Award:" FREE OF "- Biofach 2015

Natural Cosmetic Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, specialized in production of Natural Face and Body Care Products with Essential and vegetable oils.The products are designed, following the latest biotechnology and offer advanced solutions and harmony between man and nature. We use natural ingredients with effective and proven therapeutic properties, to balance the urban lifestyle and the bounty of earth