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Serum-concentrate ampoules \"Rosa Pretiosa\"
Rosa Pretiosa : BIOLuxurious skincare with Rose Oil

Serum-concentrate \"Rosa Pretiosa\" optains maximum benefit from organic rose water - rich of microelements with proven hydrating and rejuvenating effect. Contains innovative, completely natural active component which forms an invisible layer on the surface of the skin with long-lasting firming and toning effect. Clinical trials show that immediately and one hour after application the product provides a micro network, which forms the loop tightens and tones the skin, smoothing it perfectly (wrinkles decreased by an average of more than 23% just after one hour). Recomendation : In the next 5 minutes avoid any facial expressions. Continue with your daily makeup with gentle movements. 6 ampoule X 10 ml

Natural Cosmetic Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, specialized in production of Natural Face and Body Care Products with Essential and vegetable oils.The products are designed, following the latest biotechnology and offer advanced solutions and harmony between man and nature. We use natural ingredients with effective and proven therapeutic properties, to balance the urban lifestyle and the bounty of earth