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Aphlame - cleansing BIO face mousse for sensitive skin with Reetha, Pink Jasmine and Moringa Oil
Aphlame - Young Skin Bio Skin Care

Gentle, cleansing BIO face mousse for sensitive skin. Contains Jasmine essential oil, which is one of the most luxurious, natural oils in the world. It calms the skin delicately and protects it against the environmental influence. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin. The precious Moringa is a natural nutrient. It nourishes and keeps the skin in perfect condition. The delicate ceasing is due to the highly purified Soapnut extract (Sapindus Mukorossi Gaertn.). This wonderful herb has а natural cleansing properties are caused by natural substances called saponins.

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Natural Cosmetic Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, specialized in production of Natural Face and Body Care Products with Essential and vegetable oils.The products are designed, following the latest biotechnology and offer advanced solutions and harmony between man and nature. We use natural ingredients with effective and proven therapeutic properties, to balance the urban lifestyle and the bounty of earth